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Who is Who?

First American First American
Troy Todd aka F.A. has everything a classic American superhero needs, but exaggerated to a higher level: a spandex costume, a secret homebase (The Americrypt), patriotic enthusiasm and a young sidekick. But after all, Troy is a human being with more than one weakness, from overweight to small intelligence.

U.S.Angel alias Joanie Juniper is F.A.'s sidekick. She accepted the job because later she wants to start a career as an actress or a model.

Gerta Dammerung
One of F.A.'s adversaries - constantly re-appearing since issue #1. She reminds of Richard Wagner's Valkyries, wears a German spiked helmet and talks with a German accent. She always wants to destroy the world because she's full of despair about the world's badness.