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Feb 12, 2005
ABC Comics for April 2005
From DC's solicitations:

WILD GIRL #6 (of 6)
Written by Leah Moore & John Reppion
Art by Shawn McManus and J.H. Williams III, Cover by McManus
Did Rosa survive her encounter with the Crocodile? And if so, will she have enough energy left to face the Dog Man and save her family? Every question is answered in the stunning conclusion of this great miniseries!
On sale April 13 :: 32 pg :: $2.99 US

Written by Michael Moorcock
Art and cover by Jerry Ordway
The conclusion of a thrilling 2-part story by legendary author Michael Moorcock and artist Jerry Ordway! Tom Strong and Solomon are recruited on a mission to save the multiverse. But has their information been tainted?. Are they really working on the side of the angels? And who is the mysterious Count Zodiac?
On sale April 13 :: 32 pg :: $2.99 US

Written by Alan Moore and Steve Moore
Art by Arthur Adams, Alan Weiss, Peter Bagge, Jason Pearson, Bruce Timm and others, Cover by Adams
A new volume collecting issues #7-12 of the acclaimed series, with thrilling stories about Tom’s island youth, as well as the further adventures of science-fiction heroine Jonni Future and more!
On sale April 6 :: 160 pg :: $24.99 US

Written by Alan Moore
Art and cover by Kevin O'Neill
The second critically acclaimed LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN miniseries by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill is given the Absolute treatment, arriving as a stunning oversized, slipcased two-book hardcover set! The 224-page Book One contains the thrilling 6-issue miniseries, complete with the Almanac of fantastic places, while the 224-page Book Two contains Alan Moore's entire scripts for the graphic novel, a rare and wonderful treat for any fan of sequential storytelling. Included in the script book are a number of pages of Kevin O'Neill art reproduced from the pencils and printed here for the first time.
This epic Victorian adventure continues in grand fashion as our intrepid band of heroes - Mina Murray, Allan Quatermain, Captain Nemo, Dr. Thomas Jekyll and the Invisible Man (a.k.a. Hawley Griffin) - once again face a dire threat. Only this time it's not just the fate of an Empire that hangs in the balance - but that of the entire world!
Don't miss the gorgeous Absolute presentation of an incomparable adventure!
Advance-solicited; on sale June 29 :: 2-volume set :: 448 pg. :: $75.00 US


ABC Comics for March 2005
From DC's solicitations:

WILD GIRL #5 (of 6)
Written by Leah Moore & John Reppion
Art by Shawn McManus and J.H. Williams III, Cover by McManus
What has The Dog Man done to Rosa's mom and baby brother? Intent on revenge, Rosa rushes into an encounter with him without considering that the animals aren’t all on her side. And what lurks within the sewage pipes?
On sale March 9 :: 32 pages :: $2.99 US

Written by Alan Moore
Art and cover by J.H. Williams III & Mick Gray The conclusion of Promethea’s sprawling tour of the higher realms of the spirit is collected in this softcover reprinting PROMETHEA #19-25! This Eisner-winning saga has been lauded by Entertainment Weekly and Don’t miss the fourth thrilling volume collecting this trailblazing series!
On sale March 2 :: 192 pages :: $14.99 US


ABC Comics for February 2005
From DC's solicitations:

Written by Alan Moore
Art and cover by J.H. Williams III
In a series that pushed the boundaries of mainstream comics to the edge, this unbelievable final issue goes a little bit further! Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III deliver the most gloriously experimental issue of PROMETHEA yet, in which the reader takes an incredible trip through the magical cosmos with Promethea as a guide.
But there’s more! While other comics allow the reader only one way to read a book, this issue gives you several options — one of which is assembling its 32 pages into a giant double-sided poster. Once the poster has been assembled, the pages form two lovely images (one on each side) that are only discernible as a complete entity! Final issue.
On sale Feb 9 :: 32 pages (no ads) :: $3.95 US

Written by Alan Moore
Art and cover by J.H. Williams III
In celebration of the final issue of PROMETHEA, America's Best Comics is pleased to offer something truly unique: a variant version of issue #32 printed completely on two 27" x 40" posters! Each page of this groundbreaking issue comes together to form these two posters in which the entire story can be read in multiple ways. Just as important, the posters reveal two hidden images from the book that are only visible in poster format — something completely new to comics!
In addition, the PROMETHEA #32 VARIANT EDITION comes with a lovely saddle-stitched, 48-page companion book that collects each and every PROMETHEA cover illustrated by J.H. Williams. And as a bonus, each book will be signed by Moore and Williams! Retailers please note: This edition is limited to 1,000 units; orders may be allocated. A limited number of unsigned copies of the PROMETHEA COVER COLLECTION will be offered for sale at a later date.
On sale Feb 9 :: Two 27" x 40" full-color posters and 48-page comic :: $49.95 US

TERRA OBSCURA VOL. 2 #6 (of 6)
Written by Alan Moore & Peter Hogan
Art and cover by Yanick Paquette & Karl Story
It all comes down to this: a showdown in space! The only thing standing between the Terror's seizure of Colonel Future's time-warping ship is Tom Strange. But is he powerful enough to stop this monstrosity? Could this be the end of Terra Obscura as we know it?
On sale Feb 16 :: 32 pages :: $2.95 US

Written by Alan Moore and Leah Moore
Art by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story, Howard Chaykin and Shawn McManus, Cover by Sprouse & Story
Collecting TOM STRONG #15-19, this softcover collection brings back some old favorites and introduces some new ones! Val Var Garm kidnaps Tesla; Coleman Grey enlists Strong’s aid and more! On sale Feb 2 :: 144 pages :: $17.95 US

Written by Michael Moorcock
Art and cover by Jerry Ordway
Part 1 of a 2-issue tale written by master science-fiction storyteller Michael Moorcock (ELRIC: THE MAKING OF A SORCERER, Mother London) with art by Jerry Ordway (SUPERMAN, TOM STRONG)! A famed Metatemporal Investigator — or Time ’Tec — enlists the aid of Tom Strong to save the multiverse. Together with Solomon and Pneuman, they must travel back through time, across the Moonbeam Roads that bridge the multiverse, to find the one responsible for this dire threat: Count Zodiac!
On sale Feb 16 :: 32 pages :: $2.95 US

WILD GIRL #4 (of 6)
Written by Leah Moore & John Reppion
Art by Shawn McManus & J.H. Williams III, Cover by McManus
Rosa continues to prepare for her showdown with the evil man with the dog skins, but has all her hard work been for naught? Is she too late? And what horrible act did this man commit that pushed Rosa over the edge?
On sale Feb 9 :: 32 pages :: $2.95 US


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