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Who is Who?

Splash Brannigan Splash Brannigan
The ink hero was created when an experiment by comic book artist Mort Gort failed (he wanted to create four-dimensional ink). After having been captured in an inkpot for 50 years, he was set free by Daisy Screensaver. Unlike other comic book heroes, he's not deliberately fighting evil, but rather slips into his adventures by chance.

Daisy Screensaver
When the young woman starts a job as an inker at Kaput Comics, she finds an old inkpot in the office. When she opens it, Splash Brannigan is stepping out. From now on, he's her companion (maybe more than that?). She's the prototype of the comic industry's employee without any rights, working like a slave and always struggling to meet her deadlines.

Sydney J. Kaput
The Editor-in-Chief of Kaput Comics. A choleric, severe and unpopular man who's always thinking about suicide because his comics sell so lousy.