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Who is Who?

Tom Strong Tom Strong
Born on January 1st, 1900 on the island of Attabar Teru as a son of Sinclair and Susan Strong. Tom was raised in a pressure chamber which brought him great strength. As a child, his diet consisted of Goloka roots, which is why he's aging so slowly. Tom and his family are living in Millennium City (in their headquarter called Stronghold), and sometimes on Attabar Teru in an extincted volcano. Alongside fighting crime, he's also an inventor and builds useful gadgets, e.g. his heli-vest.

Dhalua Strong
Dhalua StrongBorn in 1909 as the daughter of Chief Omotu, the leader of the Ozu, the natives of Attabar Teru. Tom's parents died when he was 9 years old, after that he lived with the Ozu and was treated like a son by Omotu. At this time, Dhalua fell in love with Tom. They married on the island, after Tom had spent several years in Millennium City. Since then, she accompanies and helps her husband in his adventures.

Tesla Strong Tesla Strong
Tom's and Dhalua's daughter. She's at least 60 years old but still looking (and acting) like a teenager. Sometimes she's a troublemaker for her parents, but she's also an important member of their team.

Pneuman 'Dr. Sinclair Strong's Patented Fully-Sensible Pneumatic Man' - a steam robot, invented by Tom's father. When he was living in the pressure chamber, the robot was the only attachment figure for Tom. Provided with some enhancements by Tom, Pneuman is his butler, secretary and driver and all the time he's quarreling with King Solomon. His sniffy character reminds me of C3PO from Star Wars.

King Solomon King Solomon
A talking Gorilla with human brainpower, a result of Tom's experiments. He's a faithful companion who cares about Tom's mail or works as Tesla's babysitter.

Timmy Turbo
Little boy Timmy is a typical comic fan living in Millennium City. He's a member of Tom's fanclub, the 'Strongmen of America'. More than one time, he had the pleasure of meeting his idol in person.

Ingrid Weiss
Ingrid Weiss The 'perfect Aryan' - the result of a Nazi breeding program. Filled with hatred and all the dark ideas of Nazi ideology. She survived World War II and a fight with Tom Strong. Some decades later, she reappears - with a son.

Paul Saveen
The typical arch villain, a classic mad scientist. He's been Tom's arch enemy in the 1920s until he was thought to be dead.