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A colorful and diversified mix of short stories set in the ABC Universe. Most of them are drawn by guest artists and are a bit "different" in their tone and mood.

Cover date: February 2001.

TOM STRONG - Skull & Bones
(Writer: Steve Moore, Pencils: Humberto Ramos, Inks: John Totleben, Colors: Bad@$$)
Tom Strong's very first adventure in Millennium City, starring his love interest, journalist Greta Gabriel. It's the year 1921 and Tom has to fight a villain called Charley Bones.

JACK B. QUICK's Amazing World of Science
(Writer: Alan Moore, Artist: Kevin Nowlan)
Two hilarious one-pagers with Jack B. Quick's weird science experiments.

PROMETHEA: Little Margie in Misty Magic Land
(Writer: Steve Moore, Artist: Eric Shanower, Colors: Jeromy Cox)
A wonderful story imitating the look of Winsor McCay's Little Nemo and pretending to be sunday pages from the New York Clarion in 1905, written by Margaret Taylor Case.
An earlier incarnation of Promethea is travelling from planet to planet accompanied by little girl Margie. Very funny and overloaded with wordplays.

GREYSHIRT's Advertising Supplements
(designed by Rick Veitch)
Three two-page-ads for America's Best Clothing. All these ads feature little Greyshirt strips.

TOP 10: Deadfellas
(Writer: Alan Moore, Artist: Zander Cannon, Colors: Dan Brown)
"Mnemonic Nicky", a secretary at the lawyers Metavac, Fischmann and Goebbels is telling this story about vampires who are organized like a Mafia clan. The Neo PD cops are only appearing in marginal parts.

(Writer: Alan Moore, Artist: Sergio Aragones, Colors: Bad@$$)
F.A. is looking back to his origin and his ancestors. An ironic trip into U.S. history.

(Writer: Alan Moore, Artist: Kevin O'Neill, Colors: Ben Dimagmaliw)
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen presents a board game on a double page spread. Looks wonderfully old-fashioned and features, of course, numerous literal references.

SPLASH BRANNIGAN: Spectors from Projectors
(Writer: Alan Moore, Artist: Kyle Baker, Colors: Bad@$$)
Splash Brannigan is fighting cartoon characters from the 1930s in a cinema. Very funny and wonderfully drawn by Kyle Baker.

THE COBWEB: He Tied Me To a Buzzsaw (and It Felt Like a Kiss)
(Writer: Alan Moore, Artist: Dame Darcy, Colors: Nick Bell FX)
Cobweb tells us about her love-hate relationship with her arch enemy, the Mongoose. A story with some S&M undertones.

The special is completed by the ABC preview story from Wizard Magazine and a Tom Strong Pin-Up by John Cassaday.

The whole book will be reprinted in America's Best Comics HC.