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The Unofficial Companion to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
by Jess Nevins
Introduction by Alan Moore, commentary by Kevin O'Neill
240 pages, $18.95

Jess Nevins received lots of applauding response to his online Notes to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. For this printed edition, he revised his annotations (for Vol.I) and added some other very interesting material.

Not only did he interview Alan Moore about LOEG and asked artist Kevin O'Neill for comments to put into the annotations, he also wrote some essays on the history of the "Yellow Peril" archetype, on the origin of the "crossover" concept and team-ups in fiction, and on the Victorian character archetypes present in the LOEG miniseries. Additionaly, the book features biographies of the main characters of LOEG and biographies of the authors whose creations are featured in LOEG.

A must-have for everyone who really wants to explore all the layers of LOEG!

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