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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

 #1: Phases of Deimos


Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: Kevin O'Neill
Colors: Ben Dimagmaliw
Lettering: William Oakley
Design: Todd Klein

Cover date: September 2002

Plot Summary:
The Story starts in the year 1898 on planet Mars where different creatures (also humans among them) are living. Following their leaders Gullivar Jones and John Carter, they fight strange creatures called Molluscs. The fighters manage to enter the enemy's fortress and so the Molluscs are forced to leave the planet. After a while we see astonished people surrounding a huge crater somewhere in England. Amongst the crowd are the members of the League.

Following the comic story there's a prose section called 'The New Traveller's Almanac'. It's kind of a travel guide to phantastic places in Great Britain where strange phenomenons have occured. Of course, all the mentioned places are again literary references, e.g. to 'Alice in Wonderland')


After a pause of two years, the second volume of this series is finally arriving. The League members themselves are barely present in this issue as its an introduction to the story (Why do Martians arrive on the Earth?). The plot and the text (often in a made-up martian language) are not yet meeting my expectations, but Kevin O'Neill's art does. The Martian creatures and the fantastic wrap-around cover are gorgeous.

Of course, Number-1-LOEG-fan Jess Nevins is back with his annotations to volume 2. Don't forget to check them out.