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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

 #6: "You Should See Me Dance The Polka"


Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: Kevin O'Neill
Colors: Ben Dimagmaliw
Lettering: William Oakley
Design: Todd Klein

Cover date: November 2003

Plot Summary:
Mina and Quatermain are waiting for the train to London, accompanied by Dr Moreau who has his secret weapon H-142, one of his creatures, packed in a box. Arriving at London, they are welcomed by Campion Bond, who lets some soldiers bring away the box.

The city is devastated and deserted; the Martians are planning their ultimate attack against London, for which they have to cross the last intact bridge. The League members, gathering at the other bank of the river, try to gain time. Mr Hyde is ready for an attack against the tripods, even though he knows that he will not survive that effort. At least, his attack overthrows one of the 'milking stools' and bars the rest of them from crossing the bridge.

Afterwards, Campion Bond is successfully using the secret weapon which kills all the Martians. Nemo is totally disgusted about that and quits his service for the League. On the final pages, we see the two remaining League members, Allan Quatermain and Mina Murray in a very sad farewell scene.


This long awaited finale of volume II has furious action (Hyde fighting the tripods), sensitive characterization (Hyde saying goodbye to Mina) and big tension (what is in Moreau's box?). People who awaited a big battle (as seen in volume I), might be disappointed, because the ending is silent and quiet. I won't spoil here what H-142 stands for, only one thing: Alan Moore did not step far from H.G. Wells' 'War of the Worlds'.