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Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset

 Issue 1


Writer: Rick Veitch
Artist: Rick Veitch
Colors: Wildstorm FX
Lettering & Design: Todd Klein

Cover date: December 2001

YOUNG GREYSHIRT: 1969 - Franky and Johnny in "The Lure"
This story tells a lot of background about little boy Franky Lafayette, who later will be Greyshirt: his mother is not married, his father is the noble gangster Carmine Carbone, but Franky doesn't know that. Franky's best pal is Johnny Apollo and together they are real dare-devils: on the site of an abandoned mine they play around with a stolen gun and have an encounter with the mysterious mine monster called "The Lure".

The art style in this story varies: whenever the two boys are on their own, the panels are drawn in a simple and cartoony style, the scenes with adults look more realistic.


GREYSHIRT: Time Delay: Six Seconds
While Indigo City's mayor is publicly dignifying a judge, a criminal who was once convicted by that judge is planning to take revenge with a hand grenade. But Greyshirt can prevent the assassination.

The pictures are commented by excerpts from the hand grenade's manual - a clever storytelling trick.


In the newspaper, we can read about a girl who got lost in the mines, an arrest in the printing plant (note cover) and the upcoming movie version of a popular TV series called "The Carbones". We also get references to earlier Greyshirt stories from Tomorrow Stories and to Cobweb (who's also living in Indigo City). And the comic strip page features Weeping Gorilla (from the pages of Promethea).