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Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset

 Issue 2


Writer: Rick Veitch
Artists: Rick Veitch (Young Greyshirt), Russ Heath (Greyshirt)
Colors: Wildstorm FX
Lettering & Design: Todd Klein

Cover date: January 2002

YOUNG GREYSHIRT: 1978 - Jail Bait
This story is told by Candi, a woman who developed from a good school girl to a gangster's lover. She knows how to take personal advantages from all her relationships: her first boyfriend is the striving boy who will later be mayor, the next one is Franky's pal Johnny Apollo, followed by the aged gangster boss Spats Katz (known from Tomorrow Stories #2).

Apart from that, we learn about Franky's and Johhny's highschool years - both were pretty mischiefs. This was also the time when Franky got his chainmail which protects him from bullet wounds.


Artist Andy Savannah does Pow!Art - his paintings are strongly enlarged adaptions of comic book panels. He has to draw a series of pictures for an unknown rich man called Fanman but he isn't able to deliver in time. So, Fanman's myrmidons are looking for someone who can help Andy out: the creator of the original comics Andy does his adpations from.

This story features some highly visible references to Pop Art and Roy Lichtenstein - the comic artist is weeping about other people earning all the praise and himself being unmentioned. What's really genius about this story is the fact that it's drawn by Russ Heath (also seen in Tom Strong #13). Comics veteran Heath did the original artwork for Roy Lichtenstein's painting "Okay, Hot Shot".


In the news: a circus keeping children as slaves, a statue of Greyshirt which will be erected at Indigo City and an article about Cobweb's secret origin.