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Tomorrow Stories

An anthology of short stories which take place in different worlds. Four stories per issue. Within Tomorrow Stories, you can find the following series:

Jack B. Quick

Jack B. Quick is a little boy living in a redneck farmer village called Queerwater Creek. He's a sucker for science and the phenomenons of nature. He's doing experiments all the time, with the weirdest results. For example, half a cow gets lost in a black hole. Like Discovery Channel on drugs.
Jack B. Quick was created by Alan Moore and Kevin Nowlan.


Greyshirt Greyshirt is a masked private investigator at Indigo City. His stories are told in the look and tone of Will Eisner's The Spririt. The scenery of the gaslit Indigo City reminds of Film Noir settings. Our hero Greyshirt is always staying in the background, the stories focus on the villains and their deeds. Like in The Spirit, the titles of the series and the episodes are always skillfully interlaced into the opening panel.
Greyshirt was created by Alan Moore and Rick Veitch.


Cobweb This heroine in semi-transparent clothes is very mysterious and obscure. Her stories are somehow old-fashioned and futuristic at the same time, drawn in extraordinary and always differing styles and added with erotic undertones. Fortunately, Alan Moore's typical humour is also there.
The Cobweb was created by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie.


The First American and U.S.Angel "First American and U.S.Angel are inspired by the satirical comics produced in the 1950's , during the height of the cold war hysteria. Biting political and social commentary is the name of the game in this strip." (quote from ABC Sneak Preview)
The First American was created by Alan Moore and Jim Baikie.


Splash Brannigan Splash is a hero made of ink. That's why his stories always deal with writing and drawing. Splash is a VERY self-assured guy, a typical old-school hero. The Splash strips are mostly filled with references to the comic biz and comic history.
Splash Brannigan was created by Alan Moore and Hilary Barta.


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