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Tom Strong

 #13: The Tower at Time's End!


Writer: Alan Moore
Pencils: Chris Sprouse, Kyle Baker, Russ Heath, Pete Poplaski
Inks: Al Gordon
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: July 2001

Plot Summary:
A furious adventure set in different time levels: the Time Keeper is watching over eternity in his Castle at the End of Space-Time. A twinkling pyramid is the symbol of power over the time - and Paul Saveen wants to steal it. To inhibit that, the Time Keeper cracks the pyramid into three parts and sends them into different time levels. One part to Tom Strong's present, the second one to Attabar Teru in 1912 (where Tom lived as a teenage boy), the third one to Warren Strong's Funnyland (see issue #10). Each gem is now hunted by one incarnation of Paul Saveen until all the players use a time tunnel and arrive at the Castle at the End of Space-Time. There we have hundreds of Paul Saveens, but they have to suffer from a feedback of their memories. The Time Keeper gives them redemption and sends them to their respective time levels.


This may sound complicated (after all there's a time paradoxon in this story), but it is all quite funny and entertaining. The story features four different artists : regular penciller Chris Sprouse begins, Kyle Baker does the 'Young Tom Strong' sequence, followed by Russ Heath's 'Warren Strong' and the showdown by Pete Poplaski.

Additionally, fans of DC's old Shazam! (or Captain Marvel) comics will find lots of references to these stories in this issue.