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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

 #6: The Day of Be-With-Us


Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: Kevin O'Neill
Colors: Benedict Dimagmaliw
Lettering: William Oakley

Cover date: September 2000

Plot summary:
Mr M alias Moriarty starts an air battle by throwing bombs upon London. His adversary, the Doctor, sends out his men on hang-gliders to enter M's airship and slaughter its crew. Our heroes, also heading towards the airship, are using a balloon which Nemo had found in his pool of gadgets. With a little help of Nemo's automatic harpoons they manage to get to the airship's "motor" and find the Cavorite unit there. Moriarty, full of panic, grabs it and flies away while the airship crashes down.

At last, the League couldn't save the Cavorite but they prevented Moriarty's attack. The secret service has a new leader now - he thanks the League members for their help and asks them to stand by for new tasks.


A riveting finish - and the last panel even shows us new threats (which we will encounter in Vol. II of LOEG)!

The book has a wonderful cover which serves as a summary of the previous events. Cartoony images and funny rhymes tell us "the story so far".

All wrapped up, this mini-series is great fun - on multiple layers. You can simply read an exciting adventure story, you can be delighted by the genious design and artwork of the books, you can enjoy the nice old-fashioned language and last but not least you can try to find all the little references and easter-eggs (don't forget to check out Jess Nevins' excellent LOEG Annotations for a complete list).