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Tomorrow Stories

 Issue 3


Writer: Alan Moore
Artists: Kevin Nowlan (Jack B. Quick), Melinda Gebbie (Cobweb), Jim Baikie (F.A.), Rick Veitch (Greyshirt)
Colors: Bad@$$
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: December 1999

JACK B. QUICK: Pet Theory
A toast always falls butterside down. And cats always land on their feet. So, when Jack puts some butter on the back of a cat, the cat must logically rotate in the air! Apart from that, Quick's neighbour is suffering under his mutant pigs who are revolting "Animal Farm"-style and take over his farm.

By now the best Jack story, featuring all the ingredients of this strip: comical ideas and theories which sound amazingly simple, told in a funny way.


THE COBWEB: Eurydice: A Retrospective
Cobweb goes into Indigo City's sewers in order to save a beautiful woman from criminals and recruit a new companion.

A prose story with one illustration per page. The story is told in the fashion of a sensuous and kitschy romantic novel.


THE FIRST AMERICAN AND U.S.ANGEL: The Peril of the Pediatric Perpetrators
F.A. as an undercover agent among pupils at school. Not only making fun of juvenile delinquency , but also of Tarantino and mafia movies.

I loved it! This one is also the strip's best story by now.


The Making of GREYSHIRT
An origin story telling how Greyshirt became the character he is. Formerly he was a jewel thief who survived a shoot-out with the police without being captured and was thought to be dead. He found a hide-out at the house of a little Buddha-man called Rockefeller Patel. From now on, he fights for the other side and is hunting villains as a "science hero".

Compared to the Greyshirt story from issue #2, which was a masterpiece, this one is rather mediocre.