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Tomorrow Stories

 Issue 4


Writer: Alan Moore
Artists: Jim Baikie (F.A.), Melinda Gebbie (Cobweb), Kevin Nowlan (Jack B. Quick), Rick Veitch (Greyshirt),
Colors: Bad@$$, Wildstorm FX (Jack B. Quick)
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: January 2000

THE FIRST AMERICAN AND U.S.ANGEL: The Bitter Crumbs of Defeat!?!
A special prosecutor is putting F.A. on trial. There, he's held responsible for a certain fondness of "mistresses". In the end, we find out that our hero's not a pedophile but a sucker for fine softcakes called Mistress.

A great satire commenting on the Bill Clinton / Monica Lewinsky affairs. Like in the real life, the trial in the comic features video statements and blotted clothes as evidences.


A story from Cobweb's childhood: even as little girls, Cobweb and Clarice acted as investigators and catch their neighbor "in flagranti" at an escapade with a policeman. Of course, the two of them have their very own theory about the things going on in the neighbor's bedroom.

Welcome to Moore's and Gebbie's experimental playground: every issue features another style. This time, everything is sweet and cute (and a bit nasty, by the way).


GREYSHIRT: Tempus, Fugitive!
Time traveling at Indigo City: a villain called Turner T. Tempus is traveling into the future where he meets violent gangs (think "Clockwork Orange") and an army of robot vigilantes looking like Greyshirt.

While the plot is not very exciting, we have very nice graphics in this strip: panels of scenes taking place at present are shaped like cog wheels, scenes in the future come in motherboard-shaped panels.


JACK B. QUICK: A Brief Geography of Time.
Jack builds time shoes by which he can move simultaneously in four dimensions. So when he takes a walk in the village, he's exploring its past, going back in time to the big bang and beyond. Finally, he ends up in a timeless space and announces his return in issue #10, because it will take him that long to get out of here.

Seems our Boy Genius is on hiatus for a few issues. That's a shame, because his stories are probably the highlight of Tomorrow Stories.