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Tomorrow Stories

 Issue 7


Writer: Alan Moore
Artists: Hilary Barta (Splash Brannigan), Melinda Gebbie (Cobweb), Jim Baikie (F.A.), Rick Veitch (Greyshirt)
Colors: Bad@$$ (Splash, Greyshirt), Nick Bell (Cobweb, F.A.)
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: June 2000

Splash and Daisy on a day at the museum, where the hero made of ink is let loose between all the paintings. Loaded with parodies on famous pieces of art.


COBWEB: Grooveweb
Cobweb and Clarice in the Summer of Love: a colorful hippie-flower-power-story in which the two women unsuccessfully want to be taken seriously by their male friends.

There's a high gag count in here, Moore is not only weaving numerous hippie clichees into his story, but also some characters from underground comics and the Yellow Kid.


THE FIRST AMERICAN AND U.S.ANGEL: The 20th Century: My Struggle
First American is telling his nephews about the history of the last 100 years - and so he goes fast forward through the 20th century, of course F.A. was part of the game at all the important events. This short story is starring: Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, the Titanic, Hitler, Stalin, Charlie Chaplin, Jack Kerouac, John Lennon, Fidel and Che, Harrison Ford and Bill Gates, and some other people.

It's a difficult task to put 100 years into eight pages and joking around a lot, but Moore and Baikie have no problem with that.


GREYSHIRT: Hit and Run!
A taxi driver is on his way through the night without having a license. An armed customer forces him to chase Greyshirt and ride over him.

This is told in a genius way, graphically: the complete story is shown in one single angle: it's the driver's view from behind his steering wheel.