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Tomorrow Stories

 Issue 6


Writer: Alan Moore
Artists: Rick Veitch (Greyshirt), Jim Baikie (F.A.), Melinda Gebbie (Cobweb), Hilary Barta (Splash Brannigan)
Colors: Bad@$$
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: March 2000

On the cover, we see little Jack B. Quick vanishing in the lower right. The rest of the staff is waiting for the candidates of an audition. Splash Brannigan, who got the job, is not featured on the cover.

GREYSHIRT: Day Release
In a dark and murky winter night, Greyshirt is led to a killer by a man called Roy Spokane. The name of the dead body: Roy Spokane.

After reading the final (and surrealisitic) page, I was quite confused, but when I read the story for a second time, I thought: How cool is that?


THE FIRST AMERICAN AND U.S.ANGEL: Lo! There Shall Come a Closeness and Commitment!
First American's search for the woman of his life. Including a wedding, a divorce, a second wedding...

As a nice gag, ABC group editor Scott Dunbier appears as the man who's always promoting the accompanying comic books to all these events.


COBWEB: Shackled in Silk!
Cobweb is caught in a ...cobweb. Yeah, this time she's struggling with a spider-woman called Octavia Price.

Again, a completely new drawing style by Melinda Gebbie. The story is less experimental than the recent ones, it's more a traditional super hero story.


SPLASH BRANNIGAN: The Return of the Remarkable Rivulet!
The first appearance of the hero from the inkpot. After being locked for fifty years, comic book artist Daisy Screensaver is coincidentally setting him free when she's searching for good old-fashioned ink in her office. As a reward for that, he tells her his origin story: he was born when a genius comic artist wanted to invent four-dimensional ink.

Lots of comic book injokes and really good art by Hilary Barta. A good start for this new strip.