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Tom Strong

 #22: Crisis in Infinite Hearts


Writer: Alan Moore
Pencils: Jerry Ordway
Inks: Jerry Ordway, Hope & Friend
Colors: Dave Stewart
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: December 2003

Plot summary:
Things turn pretty bad in Tom Stone's alternative reality, when he and Dhalua Saveen are having an affair. When Modular Man catches them with their pants down (literally), Tom kills him - and this leads to a war: Tom and Dhalua versus the rest of the "Strongmen". Everything goes way too far, and in the end Paul Saveen kills his wife Dhalua.

Tom's parents want to prevent these events. His mother, Susan, uses a Switchboard in order to find a parallel reality where Foster Parallax' time machine still works. With this machine she wants to undo everything.

So the strange woman in the Stronghold turns out to be (technically) Tom's mom. Susan travels back into the year 1899 and manages to prevent all the events which were told in the last three issues.

The finale of this storyline is really weak. Usually, Alan Moore doesn't provide as simple conclusions as this one. Besides, it's not very convincing for me that adultery can lead to a war of superheroes...