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A 48 page prestige book containing lots of sketches and designs of ABC's artists.

Cover date: December 2001

Almost every regular ABC artist is showing pieces of his (or her) work, some more, some less.

Chris Sprouse14 SeitenCharacter studies for Tom Strong, pictures in different stages (pencilled, inked, colored), Sketches of weapons and gimmicks. With short notes by Chris.
Hilary Barta4 SeitenBlack and white pictures of Splash Brannigan (and one of Tom Strong): little cartoons and scenes from the comics. No notes.
Rick Veitch2 SeitenA sketch for a Greyshirt one-pager, character studies and some notes about the making of Greyhirt.
Kevin Nowlan4 SeitenJack B. Quick sketches (among them a very early version) and scribbles of the first two pages of a JBQ-story.
Gene Ha2 SeitenA big portrait of Smax and a page filled with lots of ABC characters (previously seen in ABC Preview) - both pages are fully inked and colored.
Alex Ross6 SeitenDrafts for the cover pages of the 64-Page Giant (very interesting to see the different states of development ), also for his covers of Tom Strong #1, Promethea #1 and Top 10 #1.
Arthur Adams8 SeitenCharacter designs and pin-ups of Jonni Future with short notes by Arthur.
J.H. Williams III4 SeitenSome Promethea sketches, no notes.
Jim Baikie1 SeiteTwo small First American sketches (one of them previously seen in ABC Preview) - no text.
Melinda Gebbie1 SeiteA colored picture of Cobweb (seen similarly in ABC Preview).
The cover is a co-production of the involved artists.


Most of this book is pretty good. Especially the sketches by Sprouse, Adams, Ross and Nowlan, accompanied by their personal notes, offer a good glimpse behind the scenes. It's a pity that other artists didn't receive (or want?) as much pages as them. And it's really a shame that there's no single picture by Kevin O'Neill. Isn't LOEG supposed to be a part of the ABC line?

The whole book will be reprinted in America's Best Comics HC.