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Tomorrow Stories

 Issue 5


Writer: Alan Moore
Artists: Rick Veitch (Greyshirt), Melinda Gebbie (Cobweb), Jim Baikie (F.A.)
Colors: Bad@$$
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: February 2000

GREYSHIRT: Dr. Crescendo!
A double-length Greyshirt story: what begins like a conventional crime thriller turns out to be a bizarre and psychedelic story: a scientist, part genius, part madman, is thinking of the world as a symphony and builds a special violin to destroy it.

I liked Veitch's psychedelic pages, but the story itself was not very good.


COBWEB: La Toile dans le Chateau des Larmes
This one is supposed to be an illustrated story from 1928 aboit La Toile, Cobweb's predecessor. La Toile is wandering in paradise and in the underworld and is getting very melancholic by that, because she learns that everything is meaningless.

Collages of copperplate engravings in a violet hue, containing a semi-pornographic but also philosophical story, told in a language very hard to understand. Barely accessible, but somehow fascinating.


This is F.A.'s version of Dickens' Christmas Carol: the stone-hearted superhero fires his sidekick at Christmas. Thereupon he's visited by ghosts in his sleep, who show him the state of the comic industry in past, present and future. This leads to a catharsis of F.A., he's looking for U.S.Angel again and finds her at Tomorrow Stories' Christmas party.

Filled with jokes about the comic industry.