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Tomorrow Stories

 Issue 11


Writer: Alan Moore
Artists: Hilary Barta (Splash Brannigan), Rick Veitch (Greyshirt), Jim Baikie (F.A.), Joyce Chin (Cobweb)
Colors: Bad@$$, Wildstorm FX (Cobweb)
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: October 2001

SPLASH BRANNIGAN: Splash City Rocker!
Splash doesn't want to be a comic hero anymore, because the funnybooks get less popular all the time. Instead, he's planning to start a career in the music biz. The people there are endlessly searching for the right image for Splash, so he ends up at the movie business and finally again in comics.

This strip used to play with comic book clichees all the time, now it's also playing with the rest of pop culture and its machineries.


Nazi cockroachs are taking off to rule the world - in the kitchen of an old granny. Thanks to Greyshirt, the nasty insects end up in a kind of gas chamber.

Moore is adding a completely new aspect to the topic of "Nazis in comics": Hitler, Himmler and company as cockroachs speaking "denglish". Frightening but funny. I wonder if this will ever be published in German.


THE FIRST AMERICAN AND U.S.ANGEL: Being the First American
A parody of the movie "Being John Malkovich": U.S.Angel has discovered an entrance to First American's consiocusness and invites everybody to visit F.A.'s mind. This gets very exciting when Gerta Dammerung takes a trip and meets the Village People there...


THE COBWEB: Bedsheets & Brimstone
A surrealistic adventure about a bed that once was owned by a "decadent French occultist": this bed pulls Cobweb and Clarice into a strange world where the Frenchman is playing his decadent games.

Guest artist Choyce Chin (Xena) is adding a new dark style to the story, giving it a little touch of "Image".