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Tomorrow Stories

 Issue 12


Writer: Alan Moore
Artists: Rick Veitch (Greyshirt & Cobweb), Jim Baikie (F.A.), Kevin Nowlan (Jack B. Quick)
Tuscher: Hilary Barta (Greyshirt & Cobweb) Colors: Bad@$$
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: April 2002

We had to wait half a year for this issue, which is most probably the last one of this series, and features a crossover:

GREYSHIRT guest starring COBWEB: Strands of Desire
Greyshirt starts searching for Cobweb (a woman he's been admiring for years). Is she an "Alter Ego" of millionaire Laurel Lakeland? Unfortunately his investigations spoil Cobweb's own actions and she is not very amused about that.


THE COBWEB guest starring GREYSHIRT: Shades of Grey
The story continues, now told from Cobweb's point of view: after Greyshirt found out that she's Laurel Lakeland, she wants to turn the tables and reveal his secret identity. All this ends up in an inevitable finale...

Since both characters are living in the same city, this had to happen eventually. An entertaining crossover story, told very elegantly.


JACK B. QUICK: The Facts of Life!!
Jack and his pal Teddy explore the secrets of puberty. They're assuming a conspiracy of bees and flowers. To find out everything about that, they have to go to a town called Puberty ("He will find out when he reaches puberty").

Hurrah, Jack is back with a really funny and entertaining story.


THE FIRST AMERICAN AND U.S.ANGEL: The Death/Marriage/Son of the First American of the Future!
U.S.Angel writes a story about the next generation of superheroines: The Next American. But F.A. is always intervening and changing her script. The outcome of this is a very awful and hair-raising story.

Very freaky and over the top, but also a good parody which comments on the problems of collaborations in comics and the annoying habit of doing retcons and inventing alternate realities all the time.