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Tom Strong

 #8: Riders of the Lost Mesa


Writer: Alan Moore
Pencils: Alan Weiss, Chris Sprouse
Inks: Al Gordon
Colors: Wildstorm FX, Mike Garcia
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: July 2000

Plot Summary:
After a 4-issue story arc, Alan Moore is now presenting the opposite: three short stories in one issue.

TOM STRONG: Riders of the Lost Mesa
Tom Strong and Solomon, dressed as cowboys and riding horses, visit an old-fashioned western village on the top of a hill. They come to investigate a strange phenomenon: the people in the village think it's 1850, they have three eyes, grow blue cabbage and their pets are alien monsters. Tom tries to explain to them that they live in the year 2000 - on new year's eve in 1849, a spaceship had landed in their village, aliens had manipulated the residents and transferred them to the year 2000, where they find themselves quite normal, but anything else very strange.

Timmy Turbo and his classmates are on a school outing, when suddenly one of the kids is 'swallowed' by a table. Timmy and the other members of the 'Strongmen of America' try to find him and end up in a strange parallel reality, where students are suppressed by giant education robots. Sure enough, Tom Strong himself can rescue them and catch the creators of this world (some very frustrated teachers).

Tesla is on a mission inside the crater of a volcano, wearing a giant protective suit made out of glass. Strange beings made of fire rise from the lava and attack her, until their leader holds them back and turns towards Tesla. He kisses her (that is, he kisses the window pane on her face) and lets her go. When Solomon will ask her later about the nature of the volcano beings, she will just say: 'Hot. Really, really hot.'


These stories (at least two of them) are similar to Moore's Tomorrow Stories: absolutely crazy, witty and over-the-top. Whereas the Tesla story is a bit dull and boring.

Guest artist Alan Weiss, who drew the first story, will be a regular artist in the spin-off series Tom Strong's Terrific Tales.