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Tom Strong

 #9: Terror Temple of Tayasal


Writer: Alan Moore
Pencils: Paul Chadwick, Chris Sprouse
Inks: Al Gordon
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: July 2000

Plot Summary:
Three short stories again, this time loosely interconnected.

TOM STRONG in the Terror Temple of Tayasal
While heading towards Attabar Teru, Tom is getting a call by explorers who found something very strange in the jungle: a giant exoskeleton shaped like a birds' head. Tom checks out the site and enters an ancient Maya temple occupied by some slimy material which tells him a story:

This life form is part of an organic space ship that crashed here thousands of years ago. It was torn apart from the rest of the ship and needs a part of the old spaceship to get away from here. Tom is recognizing that the skeleton must be the spaceship and delivers a part of it to the slime, which is immediatly starting to grow...

While staying at Attabar Teru, Dhalua is telling her husband a story from her past: when she was a teenage girl, she went into the volcano to perform a rite there. She enkindled some Goloka roots and inhaled the fumes. This lead to a vision where she saw a giant snake which claimed to be the god Chukulteh. It put Dhalua to the test - if she wanted to see the god's real face, she should touch the snake. After hesitating for a long time, Dhalua renounced. Later (and sober again) she realized some dangerous electric cables hanging at the point where she saw the snake.

TESLA STRONG: Flip Attitude!
Home alone - Tesla's parents are at Attabar Teru and she's staying at Millennium City with Solomon, the ape. They are playing basketball when suddenly the whole surrounding turns at 90 degrees. That's the work of Kid Tilt, daughter of King Tilt, a villain who was brought to prison by Tom Strong some years ago. Kid Tilt is able to manipulate gravitation with her boots.

In the end, everything turns out to be set-up by Tesla. She had cooked up the whole story to explain the mess when her parents came home to the Stronghold.


A good mix of adventure (the cover reminded me of Tintin books), myths & magic and a chaos comic, which plays with standard comic book clichés. I especially enjoyed the ending of the third story: superheroes as an ordinary family where the parents want to know why their daughter messed up their flat. Excellent idea!