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Tom Strong

 #16: Some Call Him The Space Cowboy


Writer: Alan Moore
Pencils: Chris Sprouse
Inks: Karl Story
Colors: Alex Sinclair
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: April 2002

Plot Summary:
A scene on Venus: a futuristic three-eyed cowboy has to do an intermediate landing on the planet. Here he meets the Modular Man (regular readers will remember him from Tom Strong #2, where he was sent to Venus by Tom) and tells him that he's on his way to Earth, because he wants to warn mankind against a big threat.

Meanwhile on Earth: Tom is quite ill-tempered because his daughter Tesla is so much caring about Val Var Garm (see #15) - he's just a jealous father! When the space cowboy finally hits Millennium City, Tom isn't as calm and canny as we know him, he's rather nervous and huffy: as soon as the cowboy has introduced himself, Tom strikes him down with his fists.

Later, when everybody has calmed down, Coleman Grey, the space cowboy, is telling his story:

Coleman was one of the humans who were abducted and manipulated by alien invaders in 1850 (see #8). But he woke up on their spaceship and managed to escape with a mini-ship. Since then, he's on his way through space and now he wants to warn the humans against a big alien invasion: the aliens are giant ants and there are a lot of them!


It's nice to see a longer story again. This one goes for three issues and features a very good cliffhanger: Tom and Coleman awaiting the aliens. I especially liked two things about this issue: first, the various references to previous issues which are nice for regular readers. Second, Tom's mental constitution as a jealous father - this gives a little touch of soap opera to the series.