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Tom Strong

 #25: Tom Strong's Pal Wally Willoughby


Writer: Geoff Johns
Pencils: John Paul Leon
Colors: Dave Stewart
Lettering: Todd Klein

Cover date: April 2004

Plot summary:
Wally Willoughby is your typical cliché comic book nerd: a fat, freckled and shortsighted boy who's dreaming of meeting his hero Tom Strong once in a lifetime. So Wally steps into a bus and goes to Millenium City. Unfortunately, Wally has a rather unpleasant talent: whenever he feels bad, he spreads negative karma, which leads to some very weird results: the animals in the local zoo go on strike, giant donuts are falling from the sky, and so on. So Tom has to make sure that Wally feels well, in order to save the city from serious damage.

Guest writer Geoff Johns (JSA, Flash) doesn't care about logic, he rather goes on a wild fantasy trip. This doesn't turn out to be a great story, but at least it's funny entertainment. Personally, I liked this one better than Alan Moore's "Tom Stone" storyline (issues #20 to #22) and Peter Hogan's stories in #23 and #24. Chris Sprouse is replaced by John Paul Leon (Earth X) this time, and his rough style fits the story very well.